Gratitude Challenge – Join The Positivity Movement

I firmly believe that we have the power to create our own reality. Sure s**t happens in life and we very often have no control over that, but what we do have is control over how we react to it and deal with it moving forward. We can choose to let it drag us down or we can choose to look for the positives and lift ourselves above whatever challenges we face.

Creating a positive life involves a few different factors, one of which is to surround yourself with positive people; ones who inspire us, motivate us, support us and help make our lives a better place. Another is to create a positive mindset and an attitude for gratitude plays a bit part in that.

You see, when we become consciously grateful for what we have and we focus on the good in our lives, we feel abundant right NOW. We can feel happy, positive and ready to face whatever life throws at us. We know we have the power within us to get through anything.

When we get caught up in comparing our life now with what we want it to be or what others are doing, it can dim our positive outlook and we can slide quickly into feeling inadequate, shameful, guilty and all those other negative feelings that are all so easy to sit and fester with.

Do you want to feel negative and wallow in self-loathing?

Would you instead like to wake up and go to sleep each day feeling abundant and happy?

This is totally possible and the best part – it’s easier than you think!

One of the fastest and most effective ways I have learnt to create a more positive mindset, and so a more positive life, is to keep a gratitude diary. I began in 2011 and I’ve not stopped since. Even on one of ‘those days’ when you feel like the world has it in for you, when the only thing you can force yourself to write is that you are grateful to be living and breathing, it all is part of the process that lifts you up faster than you would imagine was possible.

What is even more magical is that when you make the decision to be consciously grateful, it has a ripple effect that spreads out to the people you come into contact with, both on and offline. One by one we spread positivity out into the world and this is the Gratitude Movement in action: by being grateful we create a more beautiful world.

Because I want to spread the positivity as far and wide as I can, I have created a 30 day Gratitude Challenge and I would love you to join me in creating a more abundant and positive life for millions of people across the world.

Love, Sophie

Are you with me?

“Being consciously grateful really can change your whole life. It starts small and seeps into the very fabric of who you are. Bit-by-bit shifting your world into becoming a more positive place to be.”

Sophie Jewry, Abundance Empress

Is gratitude really that powerful?

Watch these videos and see what you think…

I am ready to feel more positive



The woman behind the Gratitude Challenge

Since 2003, Sophie Jewry, AKA ‘The Queen of Brand’, has helped thousands of women in business create an awesome brand, be more productive and achieve a better work life balance. Sophie, an award-winning entrepreneur, has launched and run 3 successful businesses, all while being a full time mum. She was blessed with a daughter at just 19 so knows exactly how hard getting the work/life juggling act right can be. An advocate of continuous personal development, Sophie applies leading edge techniques to help others make a healthy income from a business they love while enjoying a better quality of life.

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Sophie Jewry
The Queen of Brand & Abundance Empress

“Join me in this Gratitude Movement and together we can create a more abundant and positive life for millions of people across the world.”

Sophie Jewry, Abundance Empress